The Best Beverage To Drink After A Heavy Biryani

The love for biryani remains unwavering, as this beloved dish transcends culinary trends and stands as a timeless masterpiece. With its captivating aroma, flavorful spices, succulent meat, and fragrant rice, biryani has enamoured food enthusiasts worldwide.

What if I tell you you can fulfil your biryani with the best beverage? Yes, beverages make your biryani experience beautiful and fulfilling. Beverages have their cultural origin, which has become a practice we can’t avoid. This blog explains the list of the best beverage to drink after biryani.

A complete Biryani

Biryani holds a cherished spot in the hearts of the people, where it unfolds with timeless flavours. This aromatic dish, featuring fragrant rice, tender meat, and an array of spices, is more than a mere culinary delight; it evokes a deep emotional connection among the people. 

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History of drinking beverages after a meal

If your hand goes and grabs any drink after a heavy meal, it is due to the culture that infringes across the world of cuisine. The tradition of drinking beverages after a meal dates back centuries and has evolved across different cultures. 

In ancient times, various civilisations recognised the importance of beverages for digestion and overall well-being. In ancient Rome, for example, the wealthy would consume wine mixed with water during meals to cleanse the palate and aid digestion. 

In Eastern cultures, such as China and India, herbal teas and fermented beverages were often enjoyed after meals for their digestive properties. Over time, this practice became ingrained in culinary customs and passed down through generations. 

Today, drinking beverages after a meal continues, emphasising options that promote hydration, aid digestion, and complement the meal’s flavours. The underlying concept is using post-meal beverages for refreshment, and digestive support remains prevalent.

Nutritional purpose of beverages

Drinking beverages after a heavy meal is not just a cultural set-up; it has some inherent nutritional benefits, namely,


After a heavy meal with higher sodium content and spices, our body needs hydration, and beverages do the job of hydrating our body. Many beverages, such as water, herbal teas, and diluted fruit juices, help replenish fluid levels in the body and prevent dehydration.

Digestive Aid

A heavy meal needs proper digestion. Certain beverages, like warm herbal teas or water infused with digestive spices, can stimulate digestive enzymes, promote bowel movements, and relieve digestive discomfort.

Nutrient Absorption

beverages like citrus juices or herbal infusions contain compounds that enhance the absorption of certain nutrients, such as iron and antioxidants, from consumed food. Beverages would help the body absorb nutrients effectively.

Caloric Control

If you are a person who follows a low-calorie diet, beverages help you fill the stomach that doesn’t bother your targeted calorie intake. Choosing low-calorie or calorie-free beverages can contribute to a balanced diet and help control overall caloric intake.

8 Best Beverages To Drink After  Biryani


Payasam is a traditional Indian dessert drink. The milk is well-flavoured with rice, vermicelli, sugar, cardamom, and nuts. The payasam is creamy and sweet and is usually garnished with cashews, almonds and raisins. It is enjoyed all over India, especially during festivals and celebrations. 

The sweet and aromatic taste of payasam adds a happy ending to a biryani dish. It can be found in Indian gourmet shops, restaurants and homes, where it is lovingly prepared and served as a sign of hospitality and celebration If you like creamy drinks, it can be the best drink after biryani.

Jigarthanda – Best beverage to drink

Meaning “cold heart”, Jigarthanda is a popular drink from Madurai, Tamil Nadu, South India. It is a sweet and layered drink made with almond gum, milk, Sarsaparilla syrup and ice cream. Jigarthanda has a unique texture and taste, balanced with Sarsaparilla syrup’s sweetness. 

It’s basically the best drink after the biryani list. It is a popular street drink available during the hot summers in Madurai, where vendors skillfully blend the ingredients to create a comforting and cooling feel for locals and visitors alike


Buttermilk, commonly known as “neer mor” or “chas”, is a native Indian beverage made from melted butter and water. They have pro spices like ginger, green pepper, curry leaves and sometimes add mustard. 

They are very popular in India as a digestive and appetite stimulant, especially in South Indian fistula dishes. Butter enhances the flavour of the biryani, creating a cool contrast that makes it moist and spicy to the biryani.


Lassi is a traditional curd-based drink popular in North India. It comes in a variety of flavours like mango, Rose and so on. Lassi has a creamy, clean texture and is often sweetened with sweet cream. 

Lassi is a beautiful and refreshing delight and has a cultural understanding of specific Indian products, especially North Indian. Lassi can be consumed as a refreshing drink or a meal on your own. Usually, it should be eaten in Indian restaurants and street food stalls.

Mint Lemonade

Peppermint lemonade is a refreshing drink that combines fresh lemon zest with mint leaves, sugar and water. It’s energetic and has a hint of mint flavour. Mint lemon juice cleanses your palate and highlights the senses for a delicious biryani. 

This refreshing drink is popular in restaurants, cafes, at home or throughout the summer months, giving the biryani a rich and fresh spice.

Tender Coconut

The soft coconut juice, commonly known as “Elanir” in South India, is clear juice contained in small green coconuts. In appearance, it is sweet and refreshing, with a mild tropical flavour. 

Coconut water is gently hydrating and highly electrifying, making it ideal for filling and soothing palates after biryani. It is often found at local markets sold by street vendors in public spaces in South India, where people love this tropical delight’s clean and refreshing taste.

Fresh Fruit Juice

Fresh fruit juices like mango, guava and pomegranate offer a naturally sweet and savoury addition after a heavy biryani meal. They provide a refreshing burst of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Fresh fruit juices can be found in juice bars, cafes and restaurants, where seasonal fruits are juiced to make hot and delicious dishes.

Nannari sherbet

Nannari sherbet, also known as Indian Sarasparilla, is a cooling and sweet drink made from the bark of the Nannari tree. The roots are soaked in water and sweetened with sugar or molasses or sometimes with lemon juice or rose water. 

Nannari sherbet has a distinctive and refreshing taste and is often described as slightly sweet with a soft undertone. It is a popular drink in South India, especially during the hot summers. Nannari sherbet can be found in local restaurants and juice shops. 

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1. Is it okay to drink beverages after a heavy meal?

Yes, Drinking beverages after a heavy meal is okay, but the volume and type are key to avoiding discomfort after drinking.

2. What is the best drink to have after a heavy meal?

Water or herbal tea can be the best beverage that hydrates and helps in digestion after a heavy meal.

3. What drink should be avoided after a heavy meal?

Carbonated drinks and caffeinated beverages should be avoided after a heavy meal since they cause bloating and acid reflux.