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To all the Biryani lovers! A Hearty Welcome from Sulthan’s Biryani!

To all the Biryani lovers!

A Hearty Welcome from Sulthan’s Biryani!

The history of biryani encompasses generations, cultures and cooking techniques; the dish took on its current form by incorporating components from numerous cultures. Although it is now accessible to everyone, biryani still has the same significance of luxury, richness and speciality among people in India, preserving the history and the rich culture of the meal.

In different regions, the dish is prepared in a variety of unique ways thanks to the blending of regional flavours and ingredients. Kolkata, Hyderabad and Lucknow are home to some of India’s most well-known varieties of biryani Sulthans serves as a best non veg biryani restaurants in chennai.

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In the realm of biryani, an assortment of factors goes into making the dish perfect. In one pot, a master biryani cook balances the flavours of the spices, makes sure the rice is fluffy and cooks the meat to the ideal level of tenderness. A biryani really depends on the small elements! For enhancing it sulthan’s biryani provides one of the best bucket biryani in chennai.
Biryani is a delicacy made up of layers of flavorful aromas from different ingredients. Its exotic smell and flavour hit all the right notes when served warm and fresh from a
casserole. Everybody enjoys the taste of rice, caramelised onions, vegetables, crispy
cashews, herbs, toasty spices, mint and other ingredients and elements that go into the making of this age-old rice dish.


Appealing and mouth-watering appetizers to start your meal!

What is a complete meal if it doesn’t begin with appetizers and end with desserts, right? Sulthan’s offers a wide variety of non-vegetarian appetizers that will serve as a fantastic start to the biryani so you can fully appreciate a delicious biryani.

Even though it has been proven that very few foods are as priceless as a handful of
biryani, even biryani is incomplete without some of its classic non-veg starters. From
crab lollipops to reshmi kebabs, biryani tastes best with some of the flavourful and
yummy starters.

Pair your favourite biryani with our wide range of starters. Deliciously spicy and
well-flavoured, our collection of Indian and Continental Non-Vegetarian starters is what you need for a fulfilling biryani experience.

Spice up your party platter with Sulthan’s Biriyani!

Biriyani, the aromatic and flavourful rice dish, is a culinary masterpiece that captures the hearts and souls of millions of food enthusiasts worldwide. From the first whiff of its enticing aroma to the last bite of its heavenly flavours, biriyani fascinates and delights every time.

Biriyani is a dish that combines perfectly cooked basmati rice with tender chunks of meat or vegetables, infused with fragrant spices, and then layered with caramelised onions and fresh herbs. Each spoonful of biriyani is a journey through myriad textures and flavours that blend seamlessly to create a symphony of taste in your mouth.

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The biriyani and meat were cooked well. The taste is really good. I had a chicken biriyani combo. 65 pieces were tasty and juicy. Must try a place for biriyani lovers

Vishnu Raj

Very nice biryani a must try mutton biryani, they offer a dessert after your biryani hot bread halwa which was also tasty .

Rajendran Vinodh


Simple muslim kalyana sapadu made with taste of household. Must try here is mutton biriyani and crab lollipop very famous for taste. Chicken pakoda and Bread alwa is misses in taste.

Velayutham N


Our team went a sultan briyani one week ago. it’s too amazing food especially I love breed halwa bt briyani prize I think 230 something It’s worth for money

Prakash Rithan


Really loved the service and the taste. All the starters are really good. I would recommend the spl BBQ mandi in the main course section.




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