Bucket Briyani

The all-in-one deal for biryani lovers!

In the realm of biryani, an assortment of factors goes into making the dish perfect. In one pot, a master biryani cook balances the flavours of the spices, makes sure the rice is fluffy and cooks the meat to the ideal level of tenderness. A biryani really depends on the small elements! For enhancing it sulthan’s biryani provides one of the best bucket biryani in chennai.

Biryani is a delicacy made up of layers of flavorful aromas from different ingredients. Its exotic smell and flavour hit all the right notes when served warm and fresh from a
casserole. Everybody enjoys the taste of rice, caramelised onions, vegetables, crispy
cashews, herbs, toasty spices, mint and other ingredients and elements that go into the making of this age-old rice dish.

But you know what’s the real deal? To get all these elements together and cook the ultimate biryani dish to be enjoyed with your family and friends. And that’s exactly where a bucket biryani comes into place!

And what better ways to enjoy biryani with your friends and family if not for Sulthan’s bucket biryanis? If you are looking to savour some delicious bucket biryani, then we are here for you.

Cooked to perfection just the way you love it, our restaurant has carved a name for itself for selling the best bucket biryani in Chennai. Visit us today and enjoy our sumptuous bucket biryani with your loved ones. We also offer combo bucket biryani in Chennai.