10 Best Chicken Biryani Recipes In Chennai
Best Chicken Biryani Recipes In Chennai

Biryani is a dish, but Chicken Biryani is an emotion. This favourite dish of many is always on the list of dishes for any event, no matter what. Well, Biryani has different flavours, different legends to associate with and much more. Out of all the types of Biryani, chicken biryani is the most popular one and is widely enjoyed and consumed by many. 

There are many flavours to chicken biryani, and the feast doesn’t end with one flavour but craves for more and more. So if you are a chicken biryani lover, then you should definitely try out the below chicken biryani recipes that can leave a lasting impression on your taste buds. 

Ambur chicken biryani 

Ambur chicken biryani is the best Biryani in Chennai that you should never miss out on. 

Ambur is known for the kind of Biryani that is made. Out of Biryani types that are made in Ambur with meats like mutton, prawn and much more, chicken biryani is the best. Ambur biryani has a hinge of mint flavour mixed with coriander. The meat in this Biryani is succulent because of the meat being soaked in curd before moving on to add them to the biryani rice. Ambur chicken biryani is a must-try in Chennai. 

Chettinadu chicken biryani

Chettinadu chicken biryani is the authentic biryani recipe in Tamilnadu. The Chettinad chicken biryani is a spicy dish with aromatic spices. Chettinadu is the authentic south India cuisine which many around the nation enjoy and relish. Chettinadu biryani is highly rich in flavours with an exotic taste. The coconut milk added to the rice gives the best flavour to the Chettinad chicken biryani. 

Dindigul chicken biryani

Dindigul chicken biryani is the most famous dish in Tamilnadu and is the best kind of Biryani. It is also sometimes called the Thalappakatti biryani. The taste of this Biryani somewhere falls on the sour taste. Dindigul chicken biryani is prepared with chicken marinated in curd and lemon juice. As the name itself suggests, Dindigul biryani is very popular and highly relished in Dindigul and another part of Tamil Nadu like Chennai. 

Hyderabadi chicken biryani 

If you are a biryani lover, then trying out Hyderabadi chicken biryani is a must. Hyderabadi Nizaam biryani is the spiciest and succulent chicken biryani one can ever have. It is also called dum Biryani and is a combination of Hyderabadi and Mughlai Biryani. This dish is an age-old dish and has its origin trace back to long back. 

Awadhi chicken biryani 

Awadhi chicken biryani is not a South Indian type of Biryani but is a Lucknowi dish. Awadhi chicken biryani is a rich biryani dish made with aromatic spices, saffron strands, delicious nuts, healthy herbs and much more. Awadhi chicken biryani is very filling and Biryani in its best form. 

Rawther chicken biryani 

Rawther chicken biryani is something else. The jeerkasala rice used in this dish makes it significant and different from chicken biryanis. The richness and highly different taste of the rice blends well with the meat and makes it the best Biryani any biryani lover would enjoy 

Malabar chicken biryani  

Malabar chicken biryani is also called Thalassery biryani and is a highly flavourful biryani. Malabar chicken biryani is cooked using jeerakasala rice and mixed nuts, raisins and fried onions. It is one of a kind and is a definitely mouth-watering dish. 

Kalyani chicken biryani 

Kalyani chicken biryani is also called the poor man’s Biryani. Kalyani biryani has small detectable meat pieces and is cooked with aromatic spice like ginger, garlic, turmeric, red chilli and cumin. Kalyani biryani is very popular among the small roadside biryani shops. 

Afghan chicken biryani 

Afghani chicken biryani is the biryani dish that was dropped into our lands by the Afghans. Afghani Biryani is succulent with highly crunchy nuts, raisins, and aromatic spices. The meat in the Biryani is juicy and detectable, giving the Biryani a highly moist taste. 

Chicken 65 biryani 

In chicken 65 biryani, the Biryani combines both the biryani rice and the chicken 65 starter. The basmati rice is cooked well with the biryani spices, and detectable pieces of chicken 65 fry are added to the Biryani. The above is an example of quite a few popular types of chicken biryanis in Chennai. Let us know in the comments below which biryanis you like to consume and which are you excited to try out.