Tips to Choose the Best Non-veg Restaurant with Good Ambience


Why do you frequent a restaurant? The answer will be the taste and quality of the food, obviously. But the other factor, which many may not have noticed, is the ambience or setting of the restaurant. The ambience of a restaurant includes everything from the surroundings to the lighting, decor, hygiene, and colour.

It is important to look into these factors while choosing your non-veg restaurant. And if you are planning a meal with family members or business clients, the ambience of the restaurant is essential for a good experience. 

Why ambience matters in a restaurant?

A restaurant’s lack of ambience can ruin your dining experience, even if it delivers the highest quality food. The ambience of a restaurant can influence your appetite. If you go to a restaurant on a completely empty stomach but don’t like the atmosphere, you will definitely lose your appetite. 

The ambience of a restaurant is what makes you revisit it as much as the quality of the food provided there. If you just want a tasty meal, you can very well get a take-out, but the main reason you want to go to a restaurant is to experience a change in atmosphere and spend quality time with your loved ones. 

What gives a restaurant the perfect ambience?

If you are looking for a restaurant with a good ambience, here are some of the factors you should consider before choosing your restaurant. 

  • The perfect view:

Whether you want to dine at a restaurant in the middle of a bustling city or one that is located in an isolated area, it all depends on your preference. You can also choose a restaurant with a good view, like a rooftop restaurant, a beach-side restaurant, a hilltop restaurant, etc. 

  • Interior design:

The first thing that will grab your attention when you walk into a restaurant is its interior decor. The interior design of a restaurant involves the architecture, furniture and seating arrangements, colour, smell, and lighting of the restaurant. Choose a restaurant that has the best of all the above qualities. 

  • Music:

Some restaurants play music, and some don’t. If you choose a restaurant that doesn’t play music, then it’s okay. But if you choose a restaurant that plays music, choose one with a nice playlist and soothing music. If you are going with your family, especially with kids, they won’t like it if the restaurant plays loud rock music. Music also plays a role in stimulating your appetite and setting your mood. So choose a restaurant that plays mild, soothing music for the best dining experience. 

Some interior design features that can improve your mood

The interior design of a restaurant is what makes the first impression on you when you walk into it. Be it a family dinner or a business meeting, choose a restaurant that elevates your mood. Here are some interior design ideas you can look for while choosing a restaurant. 

  • Having refreshing plants and flowers around you can greatly improve your mood and calm your mind. Vertical gardens and hanging plants are popular nowadays. They are not only pleasant to the eye but also enhance the quality of the air.
  • Lighting and colour theme are very important for a satisfying meal experience. You won’t feel like eating if you have glaring lights and bright colours around you. So mild lighting with beautiful colour patterns is the best choice for restaurants.
  • You don’t want to be cramped with other customers in a restaurant. So look for ones that have a spacious and comfortable seating arrangement. 
  • The scent you inhale when you enter a restaurant can induce your appetite and make you eat more. So choose a restaurant that has a refreshing aroma.

Other factors that are important in a restaurant

  • Service and hygiene:

Apart from the setting, interior, and music in a restaurant, another factor that will give you a memorable experience is the quality of the service and cleanliness of the restaurant. Your entire mood and appetite can be spoiled if you come across some rude staff. Make sure you look into the restaurant’s hygiene because it can affect your health.

  • Quality of food:

Keeping all the above factors aside, the main reason you go to a restaurant is to enjoy a good meal. The quality of a good meal encompasses the taste, freshness, nutrition, and hygiene of the food. Go to a restaurant that is renowned for the taste and quality of its food. 

Why is word-of-mouth important?

Word of mouth or public reviews is the traditional way of learning about the quality of a restaurant. You can determine the success of a restaurant based on the reviews it gets from customers. When you can’t decide which restaurant to go to after considering the above factors, you can always ask for suggestions from your friends or look into the reviews and feedback of past customers. 

The wonderful setting for a wonderful meal

When you think about non-vegetarian foods, the first dish that will come to your mind is a flavourful plate of chicken biriyani. Infused with a wide variety of aromatic spices, fresh vegetables and tender meat, chicken biriyani is the people’s favourite to satiate their hunger. And what better place to try chicken biriyani than a restaurant that is dedicated to serving quality chicken biriyanis?

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The ambience of a restaurant plays a significant role in your overall dining experience. Refer to the factors in the blog and choose the perfect non-veg restaurant that makes you want to come again. 


1. Why do people love chicken biriyani?

This delectable recipe is rich in flavour and calorie-dense and it is a wonderful combination of rice, spices, and meat. Biryani, which is typically prepared in ghee or oil and occasionally includes almonds and raisins, is a delightful fusion of many different flavours. This wonderful dish is prepared with different recipes in different regions of the country.

2. What are the types of chicken biriyani in India?

This aromatic and flavourful chicken biriyani is a national delight that is enjoyed by people across the country. There are several varieties of biryani made across India, and there are over 20 types of chicken biriyani. Some of the most liked varieties of chicken biriyani are,

  • Hyderabadi biriyani
  • Lucknowi biriyani
  • Kolkata biriyani
  • Dindugal biriyani
  • Bombay biriyani
  • Ambur biriyani
  • Thalassery biriyani
  • Sindhi biriyani
  • Kalyani biriyani
  • Tehari biriyani

3. What is the best background music for restaurants?

Choosing the best background music for a restaurant can be a tough choice to make. There are so many kinds of music that one can choose from. Instrumental, soft jazz, and classical music can be the best choice of music for a restaurant because they improve the mood of the customers.