Biryanis That Proves India is the Biryani Capital of the World
Biryanis That Proves India is the Biryani Capital of the World

When the first taste of the Biryani hits your taste buds, you can’t resist but accept that your soul almost reached the celestial places and got back to yourself. From might night cravings to comfort food. From parties to condolences. Biryani is a dish which the wide people range of people love, admire, almost lose their sanity over and gobble up.

Biryani is one unique dish which one person doesn’t cook like the other. If they are a multitude of faces for a dish, then it would be downright Biryani. There are certain flavours that certain kinds of food contain and can be widely categorized as sweet, spicy, sour, tangy and more. But if there is one dish which has different flavours and is widely enjoyed for every taste, it is Biryani.

You can find Biryani lovers all over the world, willing to try different kinds of flavours in Biriyani. But Wherever you go, one can find soul-satisfying Biryani only in India.  After all, Biryani is a dish with many histories and stories, and there is one story which is widely recognized and worth mentioning.

This history of Biriyani’s wonder dates even back to times even before the times of world wonder existed. It is said that Mumtaz decided to visit the army barracks and was disheartened looking at the soldiers. They were weak and frail. Army men need to be stronger to defend the kingdom, and Mumtaz quickly decided that the soldiers should be fed better with higher nutrients.

Soldiers were put on a good diet. Their meal included a combination of rice fried in ghee and meat rich in proteins. Spices and saffron were added to the rice along with the meat. This food was later on called to Biryani. There is another popular legend that states Biryani was brought to India in 1398 by Mongol conqueror, Taimur. This dish was rich in flavour and was highly appreciated by Nizams of Hyderabad and Nawabs of Lucknow.

Biryani is a highly relished dish in India and has a huge base of people wanting to gulp it in. India being the land of diversity in itself has diverse flavours and kinds of Biyani, Few popular types of Biryani in India that are worth mentioning about are

Types of Biryani in India that are worth mentioning

1. Hyderabadi Biryani

Nizami Hyderabadi biryani is an authentic dish which has a great origin relating to the Mughals. Hyderabadi Biryani was introduced to Hyderbad when Mughals invaded Hyderabad.

Hyderabadi Biriyani generally has a spicy touch to the food. Hyderabadi Biriyani is prepared in a way that the meat absorbs the flavours to the fullest extent. The meat is first marinated in yoghurt along with spices and herbs. And then, the rice is cooked with a low flame, making sure that the rice and the meat absorb all the flavours.

2. Chettinad Biriyani 

Chettinadu is a famous cuisine which originates from south India and is a widely relished one. Chettinad food is known for the different kinds of flavoured spices that are being used and the hinge of coconut milk that is a part of the dish.

Chettinadu Biriyani is generally made in a pot with minimal oil and the flavoured spices, meat and other ingredients like chilli, onions and tomatoes are added itself initially.

Once they are cooked to a reasonable extent, coconut milk is added, giving the dish a typical southern flavour. You can find Chettinad Biriyani in any south Indian restaurant and is a dish which will never go out of the biriyani market.

3. Afghani Biriyani

Afghani Biriyani is widely different from the kind of Biryanis mentioned above. It is a popular dish in Afghanistan and is also widely recognized in Bhopal, Delhi and many other parts of India.

Afghani Biriyani has a mild taste and has a lot of dry fruits like raisin and nuts in it. The meat is minced to small pieces and made as soft as possible and added to the food.

Few states that Afghani biryani is mildly similar to pulao because of the additional ingredients added to it like Pulao. Afghani Biriyani is a popular kind of Biryani which those who enjoy are mild taste in food relish.

4. Calcutta Biryani

This dish was originated from Lucknow when the last Nawab exiled to Kolkata. During his exile, he took his chef along with him, and due to the financial crisis that prevailed, the Biryani was cooked using potatoes instead of Biyani.

Calcutta Biriyani is cooked along with potatoes and meat. It is also marinated in nutmeg, curd, cinnamon and more spices. Calcutta biriyani is generally mild, and it is also flavoured using rose water.

5. Ambur Biriyani

Ambur Biryani was introduced to natives of Ambur by the Nawabs of Arcot who ruled the Ambur district for a brief period of time. Ambur biryani has an authentic touch with the dish being cooked using Basmati or Zeera Samba rice.

 Ambur Biriyani is generally had along with a popular brinjal curry and raita which is made out of onions and curd. Unlike Afghani Biryani, Ambur biriyani has a lot of meat in it, and the dish has a mild taste filled with aromatic spices.

6. Thalassery Biryani

Thalassery biriyani is also popularly known as Malabar biriyani. Given the name, it is understandable that Malabar biryani has its origin in Kerala.

This is a little similar to Afghani biryani, and cashew nuts and resins are used along with the cooking. The rice is fried with ghee here, giving the dish a rich taste. It is not spicy as only a little amount of spice is used in the making.

Thalassery biriyani is generally made from a fragrant variety of rice known as Khyma or Jeerakasala. Be it any celebration from Christmas to Bakrid, natives of India are sure to make delicious Biryani and share it with the near and dear ones.

The diverse nature and kinds of Biriyani in India, and the fact that the dish is not just eaten but also celebrated b by many people across the country sure makes it the Biryani capital of the world.

Food brings people together, and Biryani is definitely a dish that bonds people in India with ease.