Best Arabian Dishes In Chennai

Arabian Delights And Their Craze!

Chennai peeps, wondering where you can get the delicious Arabic dishes? No more searching! Sulthan’s Biryani has got your back. Authentic Hyderabadi biryanis and best arabian dishes in chennai to satisfy your taste buds and whatnot? You name it, and the restaurant has it all. 

Indians and Arabian food: The bond

arabian dishes in chennai

Why are Indians so fond of Arabian dishes? It is because of the flavours used. Arabian cuisine, also known as Middle Eastern cuisine, varies from one country to another within the Arab world. Still, the key aspects remain the same, making it the best cuisine to date. Spices, herbs and ingredients used in Arabian cuisine make them unique and iconic. 

Commonly used Arabic spices
Cumin, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Sumac, Fenugreek, Za’atar, Baharat (a blend of seven spices), Rose Water, Black Pepper, and Cloves.

Why global craze?

  • Most Arabian dishes are healthy because of using fresh ingredients and plant-based proteins.
  • The bold and diverse flavours appeal to people seeking new culinary experiences.
  • The modern interpretations of the dishes with blended flavours, history and cultural significance makeup for the ongoing craze. 

A Few Arabian Dishes to Name…

Hummus, falafel, shawarma, tabbouleh, kababs, etc., are popular Arabian delights. We know there should always be room for dessert. Make way for the hero, baklava, an Arabic sweet! If you are a coffee lover, try Arabian coffee, Qahwa. 

Read further to know about the Arabian dish, Alfaham and where you can get them in Chennai. 

Here’re The 10 Best Arabian Dishes To Try!

From succulent kabab to aromatic kabsa, the Arabian delights offer a vibrant taste of the Middle East. Here are the 10 best Arabian dishes in Chennai to try and experience the rich flavours. 

1. Tabbouleh 

Tabbouleh, a Levantine salad, is made of finely chopped parsley, mint, tomatoes, onions and soaked bulgar wheat. The zesty dressing made of olive oil, lemon juice, and aromatic spices gives the salad a dramatic twist. 

Tabbouleh is an Arabian dish that is also a nutritional powerhouse, rich in vitamins and fibre. It is recommended to serve chill, and we bet you will enjoy a burst of flavour with every bite. 

Did you know?
Tabbouleh originated thousands of years back in Lebanon and Syria and has a rich history linked to ancient Levantine cuisine.

Do not miss this Arabian delight when in Chennai!

2. Fattoush

Have leftover pita bread? No worries. Now you can make an Arabian salad with it! Fattoush is a Middle Eastern salad made with crispy toasted or fried pita bread, fresh and sliced cucumbers, juicy tomatoes, radishes, and herbs like mint and parsley. 

The salad is thoroughly enjoyable with a zesty dressing made of olive oil, tangy sumac, lemon juice, and pomegranate molasses. We are sure this crunchy salad will satisfy your taste buds. 

Did you know?
The word “Fattoush” takes its origin from the Arabic word “Fatt”, meaning crumbled bread!

It is also told that farmers of the rural areas of Lebanon made a nutritious and filling meal using their fresh harvest and flatbread, known as Fattoush. 

3. Kabab

arabian dishes in chennai

Who doesn’t love kababs? This Arabian extravaganza’s true magic lies in the marination that includes a mix of yoghurt, and aromatic spices, including cumin, paprika, garlic and citrus. Kababs are made of vegetables and meat, featuring lamb, chicken, or beef, and are delicious. 

Once you have marinated the chosen veg (paneer, mixed vegetables) or meat, you can thread them into skewers and grill them until cooked smoky-perfect. 

Did you know?
A Mayor of the French city, Beziers banned new kabab restaurants quoting that they were threatening the French culture in 2015!

Here’re some fantastic kababs for you to have at Sulthan’s Biryani.

  • Murgh Malaai kabab
  • Reshmi kabab

4. Rolls/Shawarmas

arabian dishes in chennai

The most loved street food of India, Shawarma, originates from Middle Eastern cuisine. This soft, tender flatbread stuffed with meat, often lamb, chicken, beef, or fresh veggies, is irresistible and makes you want more. 

Did you know?
We’re all familiar with Shawarma’s rotating cooking method. It was inspired by the vertical cooking technique used for doner kebabs in the Ottoman Empire. 

Are rolls and shawarmas the same?

No. Though they seem similar, they are different.

Rolls are wraps that include a filling made of vegetables or meat stuffed in a flatbread. While Shawarma is more specific, made of pita bread and has Mediterranean-style filling. 

Try different rolls at Sulthan’s Biryani

  • Veg Roll
  • Paneer Roll
  • Chicken Roll
  • Kathi Roll
  • Egg Roll

5. Arabian Grills

arabian dishes in chennai

Would you like to try grills celebrating Middle Eastern flavours in Chennai? You should head to Sulthan’s Biryani, where you can relish the luscious chicken pepper grill. Arabian grills are unique because of the marination with regional spices like sumac, za’atar, and saffron.

Cooked over open flames, we bet with the natural juiced mixed in the grill; it will be an unforgettable feast. 

Did you know?
Over 70% of Americans own a grill. 

Also, Arabian grilling traditions trace back several centuries, making them the testament for perfectly cooked meats. 

6. Falafel

Are you craving fritters? Next time, try this falafel, the Arabian dish. It is a popular Middle Eastern street food that is crunchy and flavourful. Made of chickpea or fava bean patties, sprinkled with herbs and spices, the golden-brown falafel is a perfect snack if you are on a food hunt.

Did you know?
The national dish of Isreal is Falafel. 

7. Hummus

When it comes to Arabian Dish, what flashes to your mind? It would be hummus, for sure. It is a dip made of blended chickpeas or garbanzo peas, nutty tahini, olive oil, garlic and zest of lemon juice. It has a creamy texture that goes well with pita bread, veggies, sandwiches and wraps. 

Did you know?
You can combat anaemia by having hummus since it contains two iron-rich sources, chickpeas and tahini. 

8. Labneh

If you are looking for a dip, spread, or both in one, you should opt for Labneh, the Arabic yoghurt known for its velvety texture and tangy taste. All you have to do is take the yoghurt and drain it until it reaches a creamy, cheese-like consistency. 

Did you know?
Labneh is rich in high probiotics- the good bacteria crucial for gut health, protein, calcium and vitamin A.

9. Kabsa

Kabsa is a legit translation for the burst of flavours. It is made of long-grain rice, tender meat (chicken or lamb) and aromatic spices. It is often garnished with nuts and dried foods. 

Here’re some kabsa for you to try at Sulthan’s Biryani.

  • Alfaham kabsa
  • Tikka kabsa
  • Barbecue Kabsa
Did you know?
Kabsa is the national dish of Saudi Arabia.

Are Kabsa and Mandi Biryani the same?

No. Though Mandi and Kabsa seem the same, they are different. 

Mandi is yellow due to the usage of saffron spices. It has a nuanced flavour of salty, spicy, tangy and umami. Kabsa is brown due to its meat broth with tomato paste and chillies. It has a lemony and spicy flavour. 

10. Alfaham

To prepare an Alfaham, marinate the chicken with flavourful spices, yoghurt, and tomato paste. Then, you have to grill until charred and serve to enjoy.  You know where to head to have the best Alfaham in Chennai

Yes, Sulthan’s Biryani. It has become a paradise for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. 

Did you know?
Alfaham is derived from the Arabic word “Fahum”, meaning coal. 

Why Visit Sulthan’s Biryani To Taste The Best Arabian Dishes In Chennai?

arabian dishes in chennai

If you are looking for a fine place to dine in, order from or book for an event, look no further than Sulthan’s Biryani. From authentic Hyderabadi biryanis and lip-smacking starters to beverages and desserts, you have everything under one roof. 

It is the best place to satisfy your hunger for Arabian dishes since you can get the best Alfaham, kabsa, rolls, and kababs in the city. Apart from Arabian cuisine, you can also try the restaurant’s signature Lucknawi, Kolkata, and Chettinad biryanis. 


Here you have- the ten Arabian dishes in Chennai to try. We are sure you will enjoy the burst of flavours with every bite.

Arabian dishes have stood the test of time and are still enjoyed by people worldwide. The Middle East’s diverse flavours, spices and techniques give us a glimpse into the Arab region’s rich cultural heritage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1). What is the most famous Arabian dish?

Hummus is the most famous Arabian dish, made of blended chickpeas, tahini, olive oil and garlic. It is usually served with pita bread or fresh vegetables as a dip. It is an appetiser that is famous across the globe. 

2). What is a typical Arabian breakfast?

Arabian breakfasts are a big spread and contain various dishes of eggs, beans, vegetables, cheese, olives, salads and bread. Dishes like medames, labneh, and khubz are common. 

3). Is Arabian food healthy?

Arabian foods include vegetables, legumes, whole grains, lean proteins, etc., and are considered healthy. However, healthiness depends on mindful choices, preparation methods and portion control. 

4). What herbs are used in Arabian dishes?

The commonly used herbs in Arabian dishes include parsley, mint, cilantro, dill, cumin, coriander, and saffron. It is used in salads, stews, and meat dishes. 

5). Is Biryani an Arabian dish?

Biryani originated in the Indian subcontinent, specifically in India and Pakistan. Biryani is a South Asian rice dish that is made with a mix of spices, rice and meat or vegetables.