7 Wedding Catering Services Tips For Your Big Day!
wedding catering tips

Introduction: The perfect wedding feast!

Planning a wedding can be a rollercoaster of excitement and emotions. Out of all the countless decisions, finding the right caterers for your special day is crucial. A perfect wedding consists of a breathtaking venue, the joyous laughter of your loved ones and delicious food to please your guests.

In this blog, you will learn about choosing the perfect wedding caterers to capture your taste buds and leave your guests raving about culinary delight. We have covered you from navigating the menu options and ensuring impeccable services to accommodating dietary preferences.

Why make your special day ordinary when you can turn it extraordinary? Make your big day a feast for all the senses with Sulthan’s Biryani. Read the blog to unlock the secret wedding catering tips for your big day.

Here’re your seven wedding catering services tips!

We have listed seven pointers below to choose the best wedding catering services. Make sure you follow the 7th tip precisely.

Tip 1- Decide on your budget

Weddings can be a moment of unparalleled joy and celebration, but they are pricey affairs. It is crucial to stick to a realistic budget when it comes to spending for the wedding because catering services can eat your purse, exceeding your allocate if you do not plan everything prior.

Without compromising on quality or taste, you should choose the wedding caterers and the meal list to prepare for the big day that falls within your budget. A royal feast is a dream for many, but financial realities can hinder your culinary idea.

It is essential to prioritise the must-haves, explore the alternatives and make informed decisions about wedding catering services that fall into your financial ability. For affordable and exceptional caterers, approach Sulthan’s Biryani!

Tip 2- Consider your guest count

Wedding catering planning is an unfinished business without deciding the approximate guest count. A marriage can be a grand affair that unites hundreds and thousands of friends and family and can also be an intimate event with just the gathering of the close circle.

By understanding the number of attendees, you can give the caterers the proper directions to determine the necessary quantity of food, seating arrangements and an even atmosphere. Deciding the guest count brings a balance and does not pave the way for the non-essential ruckus, ensuring everyone is well-fed and comfortable.

The primary focus of the catering services is to adhere to everyone’s food needs and requirements, making the guests feel valued and cherished. It is challenging without the knowledge of the guest count.

Tip 3- Choose the food style

When it comes to catering services, deciding on the food serving style is essential. The most standard and traditional method is sit-down, where people remain seated, and the plated meal is served hot, fresh and on time.

There are other options, such as buffer style, where guests make a line and choose the food they like from different varieties and family style, which is the combination of buffet and sit-down/plated meals, etc., and the modern and western types, including cocktail style.

With comfort being on the priority list of the host and wedding caterers, it is necessary to analyse their guests and opt for a suitable and practical food style that is also visually appealing. And no matter which types you choose, it is crucial for the food to taste amazing and impress guests as a treat for all senses.

Tip 4- Ask for recommendations

We are sure you will have as many options, but reaching out to friends, family and even newlyweds for recommendations regarding wedding catering services and tips, helps. This way, you can elevate the food quality, know their experiences and understand the level of services provided.

Also, discussing it with others helps meet and exceed your expectations. You can tailor the menu accordingly to the majority of others’ requirements. You can take into account their insights and make the catering services outstanding.

It is always better to choose the wedding catering services for your big day, recommended by others who have experienced the magic of exceptional catering beforehand. Word-of-mouth is a powerful ally when it comes to catering services.

Tip 5- Schedule a tasting session

It is significant to schedule a tasting session before the main event to avoid unnecessary differences and ensure that every dish tastes exceptional. During the tasting sitting, you can collaborate with the chefs regarding your taste preferences, dietary restrictions and presentation techniques.

Also, it is the right time for you to provide feedback and if you need to make any adjustments to the menu. With the pre-feast, you will have the opportunity to taste the delights and reflect your style and tone in your wedding catering services for others to experience.

It is to be noted that for tasting sessions, you cannot visit with your extended family and ensure that you give constructive feedback to the caterers. We should maintain wedding-tasting etiquette, after all!

Tip 6- Take note of dietary restrictions

The host must note the dietary restrictions and tell the caterers to prepare food accordingly. A wedding is a union of friends and family, and you must make each of them feel included in the gastronomic celebration on that special day.

From gluten-free to vegan, lactose intolerant to nut allergies, the dietary preferences are varied, diverse and abundant. It is impossible to accommodate all the needs. However, making a few changes to the menu can make people think of you as a thoughtful and considerate person.

Catering is not always about ticking boxes on a menu but going the extra mile to satisfy everyone’s taste buds and give them an unforgettable experience. Sulthan’s Biryani offers endless possibilities, and by choosing it as a wedding caterer, you can meet everyone’s food expectations.

Tip 7- Review the contract before signing

Here’s the final and most significant step in wedding catering services. By reviewing the contract, you shall understand the chosen catering business provider. Information like menu options, pricing, service details, timelines, etc., will protect you from unforeseen circumstances along the way.

The contract also ensures that both parties are on the same page with clear expectations and responsibilities. Sections like cancellation policies, potential contingencies, etc., safeguard your deposit and investment and give you peace of mind.

By reviewing and discussing the catering contract papers before signing, you can address any concerns, make necessary revisions and align your visions for the big wedding feast.

With these wedding catering tips, you can make your BIG DAY memorable and treasurable.

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A wedding day is a significant occasion bundled with joy, love, and cherished memories. You can enhance your BIG DAY by entrusting the food plans to the best wedding catering services. Give your guests an unforgettable dining experience with the seven wedding catering tips given in the blog.

With professional catering like Sulthan’s Biryani on your side, you can focus on what truly matters- creating beautiful memories and enjoying the delight on your loved ones’ faces as they savour each bite, appreciating your efforts. Hence, selecting the perfect caterer to make your wedding day an affair to remember is crucial.


1). What are the tips on catering?
To deliver a memorable catering event, you should streamline your preparation process and make everything ready in advance, organise your menu and environment, prioritise food hygiene, listen to your guests and respond to feedback, and focus on the practical menu, thus avoiding cluttering services, and be presentable to your guests.

2). What are the five types of catering?
The different types of catering include corporate, buffet, social event, office delivery and restaurant catering. Generally, the two types of catering are on-premises and off-premises.

3). How can you improve catering services?
You can make your catering business successful by serving quality food, standing out from the competition by adding special touches to your menu and services, offering top-notch customer services, providing a diverse menu and doing effective marketing and networking about your business.

4). Is catering a profitable business?
The catering business is highly profitable since it doesn’t require a hefty initial investment, especially for homemakers. In India, the catering business grows by 25 to 30% annually.

5). How do you calculate food for the wedding?
It is essential to know the guests, the type of event and the type of food to decide the accurate catering count. However, having more in the room is always advisable to avoid leaving the guests unsatisfied with food shortage.