5 Best Veg Starters for Party
veg starters for party


The starters you choose can make all the difference when organising a party. Due to the rising popularity of plant-based diets, veg starters for party in particular are becoming more and more well-liked. There are many delectable and simple vegetarian appetiser alternatives available, whether you are throwing a formal dinner party or a casual get-together.

List of 5 best veg starters for a party

1. Cheeseballs

Both children and adults enjoy the party appetiser known as cheese balls. Mash potatoes, shredded cheese, breadcrumbs, and a number of spices are combined to make them, and the mixture is then formed into little balls. These balls can be fried or baked to get a crispy coating, and they go well with tomato ketchup or sweet chilli sauce. The cheese balls are a favourite at any party or gathering thanks to their tasty and cheesy filling.

2. Mushroom tikka

A delicious and healthful vegetarian beginning that’s ideal for gatherings is mushroom tikka. To make this smoky and savoury dish, the mushrooms are marinated in a mixture of spices and yoghurt before being grilled on skewers. A mint chutney or a spiced, creamy dip made with hanging curd can be served with mushroom tikka. Guests will be impressed and satisfied by this dish.

3. Veggie Kebab

Vegetable kebabs are tasty and nutritious dishes that are often skewered and grilled. Bell peppers, zucchini, onions, mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes are the common vegetables used for kebabs. The vegetables are grilled until they are soft and have developed a little char. They are first marinated in delicious spices. Vegetable kebabs are a terrific way to include extra veggies in your meals and are ideal for people who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. Both as a main meal and as a side dish to go with other dishes, they are available. 

4. Corn Chaat

Indians love the traditional street food snack known as corn chaat, which is consisting of boiling sweet corn kernels blended with chutneys, spices, and herbs. The corn kernels are often sautéed along with onions, tomatoes, cilantro, green chillies, and a combination of spices including cumin powder, chaat masala, and black salt to make the dish. The dish is then finished with a drizzle of mint and tamarind chutney, both of which have a tangy flavour. A filling and nutritious food that is high in fibre and antioxidants is corn chaat. It can be eaten as an appetiser, a small meal, or a mid-afternoon snack. 

5. Gobi Manchurian

Cauliflower florets are used as the main ingredient in the well-known Indo-Chinese cuisine gobi manchurian, which is deep-fried till crispy. Then, a savoury sauce composed of soy sauce, garlic, ginger, and other spices is added to the crunchy cauliflower florets. As a starter or a side dish to other Chinese cuisines, Gobi Manchurian is frequently offered. Its distinctive blend of crispy texture and strong flavours makes it a favourite among many fans of Indian cuisine. 

Sulthans Biryani

In Chennai, Sulthan’s Biryani is a well-known chain of restaurants serving authentic and tasty biryani. The chain of restaurants, which offers a selection of biryanis including chicken, mutton, and vegetarian alternatives, has now grown to include a number of sites throughout Chennai. 

High-quality ingredients and conventional cooking methods are used to create the biryani, creating a rich and aromatic dish that is adored by both residents and visitors. To go with the biryani, the restaurant also serves a variety of sides, sweets, and drinks. 


There are numerous delectable vegetarian appetiser choices that are excellent for gatherings and celebrations. The aforementioned starters are not only tasty and filling, but they are also simple to make and serve. 

These vegetarian appetisers will wow your guests and leave them hankering for more whether you’re organising a small gathering or a sizable party. Try trying these vegetarian beginning ideas the next time you’re planning a party to add some diversity and flavour to your menu.


  1. Which is the best starter food?

It is difficult to pinpoint the best starter food in India as there are many delicious options available. However, one of the most popular and widely enjoyed vegetarian starter dishes in India is paneer tikka. It is made with marinated and grilled chunks of paneer cheese and is typically served with mint chutney or a spicy tomato sauce.

  1. Which is the best starter in India?

There is no one “best” starter in India as it is a diverse country with many regional cuisines and culinary traditions. However, popular vegetarian starter dishes include paneer tikka, vegetable samosas, and tandoori vegetables.

  1. What is a starter menu?

A starting menu is a collection of small plates or appetisers that are often served before the main course. A starter menu’s goal is to spark interest and prime the palate for the main course. 

  1. What are 3 finger foods?

Small, bite-sized dishes called “finger foods” can be consumed with your hands. These are frequently offered as party appetisers or as a quick snack. Because they are portable and simple to consume, finger snacks are a preferred option for informal gatherings.