Types of Briyani in South India
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Biryani, the term is very familiar with people as well as food enthusiasts who have tasted a lot of different cuisines in their lives. Biryani is considered to be not just food but a burst of emotions. The aroma and the taste uplift your mood no matter the circumstances you are facing. This dish is usually made by basmati rice which is long rice that adds up the beauty of the entire meal. It is a world-renowned food that’s universally famous for its taste and aroma. The basmati rice is layered with exotic spices like saffron is layered with chunks of any meat of your liking. The chicken is marinated before it is cooked using curd and then slowly cooked over low flame. It is a perfect example of deliciousness and tastiness blended together. Biryani isn’t limited to the southern part of India according to popular belief, it is made in different ways in different states of India. There is always a cultural twist and uniqueness added to the Biryani with thousands of variations.

Considering specific locale like Chennai, there are best non-veg restaurants that offer delicious Biryani, made in different styles. Chennai is an ideal place to satisfy your cravings for this irresistible rice dish. There are best nonveg restaurants in Chennai who offer different types of Biryani. From Hyderabadi Biryani to Ambur Biryani, Chennai has a broad scope of this meat inspired dish.

There are the best biriyani restaurants in Chennai who make a variety of Biryani in different styles. Ranging from Yaa Mohaideen Biryani to Paradise Biryani, these places offer the best Biryani in town. Let us now see the types of Biryani in South India in general.Hyderabadi Dum Biryani- people who have been eating Biryani frequently might be well aware of this spicy and delicious extravaganza. This flavourful and delicious gastronomic wonder is a treat to relish on and is often cooked for dinner parties in north Indian kitchens. Create it at home to make a mark at your dinner party. It is a non-vegetarian delicacy that is authentic Hyderabadi rice preparation which is a meal in itself. Coupled with flavours of spices delicately combined with rice and chicken makes an aromatic combination that is hard to resist.

#1. Bhatkali Biryani :

This Biryani has a little twist. Bhatkali Biryani originates from the Nawayath Muslim community of Bhatkal town, in coastal Karnataka. It has a distinct taste and flavour compared to other types of Biryani. It can be described as making meat qorma and topping it with Biryani rice. The meat is slightly cooked in a strong onion and tomato base, where the onion is sweated over a slow fire, with tomatoes, minced ginger-garlic and spices. Next, the meat or seafood is added and slow-cooked till done. The overall preparation gets a korma-like consistency and may tempt you to eat it as is.

#2. Chicken 65 biryani :

Chicken 65 is a spicy, deep-fried chicken dish originating from Hotel Buhari, Chennai, India, as an entrée, or quick snack. The flavour of the plate can be attributed to red chillies. Still, the specific set of ingredients for the recipe can vary. This fried chicken is sprinkled into the Biryani after cooking it on low flame. This is very specific to Chennai as it also has different variants like Ambur Biryani, Chicken 65 biryani still remains famous.

#3. Kozhikode Biryani or the Calicut biryani

this is a Kerala delicacy. Famed among Biriyani lovers for the richness and spicy aroma, Kozhikode Chicken Biriyani is one such Kerala Biriyani having its origin among Muslims in Kerala. Kozhikode Chicken Biriyani has captured the entire world. It is a widely sought after dish, devoured with enthusiasm and great passion. A delicious and fulfilling delicacy prepared carefully with the perfect blending of spices. A thin fragrant variety of Basmati rice is employed in the preparation of Kerala Biriyani. Chicken pieces are marinated in naturally available herbs and spices before development. Both rice and chicken is cooked separately with required ingredients before blending. Layered carefully with other spreads of rice and chicken masala, and garnished sumptuously with boiled eggs, raisins and cashews look impressive and tempting.

#4. Ambur biryani 

Ambur chicken biryani is a speciality of nawabs of Arcot who first cooked and made this biryani recipe most prevalent in southern parts of India, Ambur in Tamil Nadu. What’s unique about this Biryani is that it is cooked on wood fires and a select variety of short-grain rice called seeraga samba rice (jeera samba rice. It is used instead of the traditional basmati rice.

#5. Donne Biryani :

It is famous in Bangalore. Donne means big sized cups/bowls made from areca nut palm leaf. These are eco-friendly disposable plates and cups. As Biryani will be served on these plates/bowls, it is popularly known as Donne biryani. Unlike authentic Biryani, this Biryani is not layered nor cooked in dum. It is very similar to preparing any pulao, but it’s cooked with mutton/chicken stock.

#6. Pakki biryani:

when Biryani name pops up, the first place that comes up in our mind is Hyderabad. This Biryani has meat that is marinated for a shorter period and is cooked in dough seal vessel. The pakki is actually gravy in the Biryani that is made before making the Biryani itself. The Hyderabadi Pakki Biryani is considered to be the spiciest Biryani of all time.

#7. Beary biryani:

 Beary Biryani or Manglorean-style Biryani comes from the Muslim community in the coastal regions of Dakshin Kannada. Bearys (traders) are the people who live there. Beary Biryani has subtle flavours with the distinct aroma of fennel spreading through the grains. The Dum Biryani has spices that include nutmeg, mint leaves, fennel seeds, mace (javitri), poppy seeds, almonds, star anise and others. This Biryani cooks slowly and tastes best on the next day of preparation.

Most of the best nonveg restaurants in Chennai offer all the different kinds of biriyani mentioned above. Each of the south Indian biriyanis has a unique style of being made, and the taste differs entirely. Try them out and satisfy your taste buds with this mindblowing rice dish. Feedbacks and suggestions are welcome for this post.