11 Taste Good Tikkas You Can try For Every Meal

An Introduction to Tikkas

Tikka is a dish marinated with perfect spices and cooked using various methods such as grilling, roasting or barbecuing. Though the origin of taste good tikkas is uncertain, it is said to trace back to ancient Babylon. However, another claim is that the term ‘tikka’ originated and was popularised by the Mughals in their era. 

The Mughals used the meat widely, and non-veg tikkas were featured on their royal menu. Tailoring the concept of meat tikkas, over time, vegetarian tikkas made using cottage cheese (paneer) and vegetables slowly started gaining prominence among the foodaholic in India. 

The delicious dish is now famous throughout the Indian subcontinent and Great Britain with variations. At Sulthan’s Biriyani, you can taste authentic tikkas made with curated spices that tickle your taste buds and make you want more!

Here’re the 11 tikkas that you can try for every meal!

With tikkas by the side, every meal becomes a celebration! We have listed 11 types of tikkas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snacks. 

1. Breakfast Tikkas

Are you up for a delicious twist to start your day? We bet with our innovative breakfast tikka recipes, your mornings will never be the same. 

Masala Omelette Tikka!

We all know that masala omelette has found a permanent place in the hearts of Indians with its tantalising flavours. Can we add a bit of drama to it? Add a blend of spices, chopped onions, tomatoes, and green chillies to the whisked eggs, and grill or pan-fry the omelette to get the charred texture. 

There you go! Your protein-packed and flavourful masala omelette tikka, which is crunchy and tempting, is ready for you to taste. You can have it with mint chutney or ketchup for a tangy twist. 

Aloo Paratha Tikka!

As an Indian, our week never ends without having hot aloo parathas made by our beloved mothers. But what is aloo paratha tikka? It is nothing complicated, but the parathas are cut into small pieces, marinated with spices such as garam masala, amchur powder, chat masala, etc., and then grilled. 

It is our favourite because of the paratha’s crispy edges that exhibit the aromatic flavours of spices added and the stuffed potatoes complementing the tikka. Have it with yoghurt or pickle; we are sure it will be your favourite too!

2. Lunch Tikkas

Whether it is your mid-day meal or lunch, tikka has got you covered! So, are you ready to spice up your regular lunch with Tikka, the saviour?

Paneer Tikka Wrap

Cut your carbs and add this delicious yet healthy paneer tikka wrap to your diet. All you have to do is take the succulent paneer cubes, marinate them in the blend of spices and grill to perfection. Wrap them up in a tortilla and add sauteed veggies for a crunch and sauces for flavour, and you are good to go! 

Your daily dose of satisfying lunch meal is ready. This vegetarian delight will keep you wanting it over again and again.

Tandoori Chicken Tikka Salad

Are you looking for a salad with a twist? Well, non-veg lovers, you are going to love this! Take the tender pieces of chicken, marinate them and cook in a tandoor or grill. Once done, add them to a mix of fresh greens, crisp vegetables and your favourite dressing. The tikka’s smoky flavour blends well with the salad and gives a fulfilling experience. 

Tikka salad, anyone? 

Veggie Tikka Biryani 

Biryani lovers, assemble! Here’s another variation that hooks you up with its flavour. Welcome on board, Veggie Tikka Biryani! Just imagine the aroma of basmati rice and the cooked vegetables infused with the flavours of tikka spices. We are sure you don’t want to miss this. 

At Suthan’s Biriyani, we make Chicken Tikka Biryani that tastes heavenly and delicious, making you drool and your every spoon worth it. 

3. Dinner Tikkas

For an unforgettable dining experience, tikka for a win!

Tandoori Fish Tikka

Have you had enough chicken and paneer for the day? Well, let’s bring seafood into the picture for the night. We are sure tandoori fish tikka will be an excellent appetiser for your spirits and main course! 

Marinate the tender fish fillets in a mixture of yoghurt, spices and aromatic herbs. Grill or tandoor them until they turn golden brown and develop a smoky char. Serve with squeezed lemon and mayonnaise, and mint chutney as add-ons. Your protein-rich dinner option is ready! 

Spicy Lamb Tikka Skewers

If you are looking for a meaty and spicy delight, opt for lamb tikka skewers. The tender pieces of marinated lamb, threaded onto skewers and cooked into a relishing dish, are what you want to eat at the end of a tiresome day!

Serve it with cucumber, known for its cooling properties, or add it to bread (naan, roti, chapati)! 

Mushroom Tikka Masala

Hey vegetarians, another side dish that makes the best pair for bread or rice is Mushroom Tikka Masala. It is your saviour since your delightful twist to the classic tikka masala satisfies your food cravings and makes you want more. 

Marinate plumpy mushrooms with spiced yoghurt and grill toast them. Next, sautee them in a tomato masala sauce with added aromatic spices. Your decadent, creamy, flavoursome dinner is ready to serve! You can have it with bread, rice or even pasta!

4. Snack Tikkas

Can we elevate your snacking experience with tikkas?

Crispy Corn Tikkas

Let’s bring a twist to your favourite street food. You would have eaten butter, masala, or pepper and salt corn. But this crispy corn tikka will indeed hold a place in your food hunt! The corn kernels are coated with blended spices and herbs and deep-fried to satisfy your snack cravings.

To make it tastier, you can have it with mint chutney or your favourite dip. We bet it will be the most satisfying snack you have ever had. Golden crispy corn tikkas for memorable evenings!

Tandoori Vegetable Skewers

Assorted vegetables coated with blended tandoori spices, yoghurt, and lemon juice, grilled and skewered, will make you drool! It is an irresistible snacking option to spice up your boring evenings. You can enjoy it with cucumber raita or just as it is!

5. Dessert Tikka

Are you looking for a unique dessert option to rock family and friends’ gatherings? With our suggestion, you will indeed love it. 

Fruit Tikka with Yoghurt Dip

If you have fruits at home, you can make a dessert! Are you a Tikka lover? Well, let’s create a fusion between tikka and fruits. All you have to do is, select juicy pieces of fruit, marinate them with tandoori spices, and grill them to perfection. Your fruit tikka is ready!

Glaze them with honey or syrup of your choice. Pair it with yoghurt dip, and you are good to go! Have a desserTikka time!

Here’re Sulthan Biriyani’s signature tikka dishes!

Achari Tikka

The best-selling Achari tikka is all you need to shoo away your blues. The tender pieces of chicken or paneer cubes are marinated in a unique blend of pickling spices and grilled to serve. It is mouth-watering and be prepared for the play of spice and tangy mix.

Malai Paneer Tikka

The Malai paneer will be your favourite dish when you first taste it. The richness of cream, yoghurt and spice mixes, added for marination to the paneer, will taste pure magic when grilled and served with a hint of smokiness. 

Chicken Tikka Masala

The iconic Chicken Tikka Masala of sulthan’s Biriyani will captivate your taste senses. The dish is flavoursome, marinated with a blend of spices, and cooked in a tomato-based sauce, aromatic spices and cream. You can pair it with biryanis or bread. 

Why should Sulthan Biriyani be a one-stop destination for your food hunt?

At Sulthan’s Biriyani, indulge in the most delicious flavours and enjoy tasty food. The expert cooks of Sulthan’s Biryani create dishes over a traditional woodfire, providing an authentic and genuine experience. 

Choose Sulthan’s Biryani for a special event, a home party, or simply a soul-satisfying meal that will leave your mouth watering with every bite. 

Sulthan’s Biryani leaves a lasting impact since the team of professionals curates and personalises the meals and plans based on their client’s preferences and demands, with customer happiness as a top priority. 


Let’s tickle your taste sensation with different types of tikkas. Start your day with a masala omelette; for lunch, go with a tikka wrap; a mid-evening meal can be a simple crispy corn tikka; for dinner, opt for fish tikka and save your fruit tikka for the dessert!

Now from sunrise to sunset and under the moonlight, let the tikka prominency rule!


1). What is the prominent flavour of Tikka masala?

The primary ingredients of tikka masala include cumin, coriander, garam masala, paprika, turmeric, ginger and garlic. In addition, tomato puree, cream, yoghurt, etc., are added to enhance the taste of tikka masala. 

2). How is tikka different from kebab?

Tikkas are chunks of meat or vegetables skewered and cooked on a grill or tandoor. In contrast, kebab involves ground meat shaped into patties or sausages before being grilled or roasted. But tikka and kebab might look similar, but they differ in preparation and presentation. 

3). What do you mean by tikka?

‘tikka’ means chunks or cuts of meat or vegetables marinated in a flavourful mixture of spices, yoghurt, and other ingredients and then grilled or roasted to perfection. It is aromatic and often served as an appetiser, as a part of a main course, accompanied by chutneys or dips. 

4). Is tikka vegetarian or non-vegetarian?

Tikka is both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Vegetarian tikkas are made out of paneer, tofu and vegetables. While non-vegetarian tikkas are made out of chicken, lamb, fish or seafood. 

5). Is tikka spicy or sweet?

Though tikka is known for its spicy and savoury taste, it can also be milder and creamier. Eventually, the spiciness or sweetness depends on the recipe requirement and personal preference.