15 Non-Veg Appetizers that are a Great Fit for any Party Menu
non-veg appetizers


Food is an essential part of our everyday lives. Some people eat to live, while some of us live to relish lip-smacking dishes daily. India being a diverse country in various aspects, is home to various food recipes that are authentic to a specific region. Some have been fusioned with any other popular cuisine to make the best flavour out of them.

Most foodies prefer non-vegetarian food over vegetarian food because of the unique masala flavours that they bring in. Sometimes we might think that the non-vegetarian menu has lesser variation.

Still, there is an indefinite list of dishes you can try if you’re a non-veg lover.

Here is a list of non-veg starters you shouldn’t miss on a party menu.

Reshmi Kabab

Reshmi kebab - Non veg appetizers

Reshmi kebab

Meat is chopped up or minced for kebabs, occasionally with vegetables and other toppings, depending on the recipe. While kebabs are generally grilled over an open flame, some kebab recipes can also be baked in the oven or made into stews. 

When it comes to Reshmi Kabab, it undoubtedly bears a heavy Mughal influence, as evidenced by the extensive use of milk and cashew nuts in the cooking procedure. It is prepared by marinating meat pieces in curd, cream, cashew nut paste, and spices before being grilled in a tandoor.

Made with boneless chicken, it features a soft interior and a crusty outside coating. This Kabab will be a great choice for you to begin a party with. 

Grill Chicken 

grill-chicken - Non veg appetizers

Grill chicken

Grilled chicken consists of grilled or smoked chicken pieces or whole chicken. This dish can be prepared using a variety of local, national, and international cooking methods. The seasoning or coating of grilled chicken with a spice rub, barbecue sauce, or both is popular. This is an unavoidable dish on every party menu these days. Not just as a starter, this goes very well with other main course dishes as well. 


Tandoori - best non veg appetizers

A dish of chicken that is cooked in a tandoor, a cylindrical clay oven, after marinating in yoghurt and spices. The dish is currently widely consumed everywhere around the world, even though it originated from the Mughals. In the late 1940s, the Moti Mahal restaurant in New Delhi popularised the dish in its current form. This will be a perfect starter to begin your party with. 


Kabsa - Non veg appetizers

Kabsa is a one-pot dish where all the ingredients are put together at different stages during the preparation process. This is a combination of flavours that blast in your mouth. Unlike some other starters, Kabsa can be relished as a main course meal too. But to fully enjoy the flavour, you can eat this as an appetiser during a house party with your close ones. 

Garlic prawn 

Garic prawn - Non-veg appetizers

Garic prawn

This is a spicy dish that enhances the mood of the occasion just with a little bite. Prawns are cooked and served in a delicious sauce after being marinated in a lovely garlic dressing, making you go gaga over the burst flavours.

Chilli fish 

All things hot, sour, and wonderful include chilli fish!Even if your main course is only simple dal rice, this Indo-fusion appetiser will change the course of the entire meal.

Chilli fish makes the ideal appetiser because of its spicy and mouthwatering flavours. There is a good chance that this will be gone in a jiffy if served at a gathering.

Fish Manchurian 


Chilli fish and Fish manchurian vary in consistency and flavours a little bit beside the similarity in ingredients. Even though this originated from Chinese cuisine, Fish manchurian is relished across the world today by food lovers. You can definitely consider including this dish to your party to create an impact on your guests. 

Crab lollipop 


This is quite an unusual dish that not every restaurant serves you on their menu. This dish is made differently in different parts of the world, giving it a regional touch. Some people serve it as a cutlet mixed with potatoes, while some use the core flesh of the crab to make this recipe. However, this will definitely be a showstopper dish on your party menu.

Murghi malai kabab 


You may make chicken malai kebab as an appetiser for your family and friends on special occasions like kitten parties, game nights, potlucks, and even anniversaries. This Mughlai dish is made from boneless chicken pieces that are marinated in a mixture of spices before being grilled.

This dish for delicious kebabs will have your mouth watering. It’s tossed with mint chutney, kebab masala (also known as garam masala powder), and coriander leaves.

Dragon chicken  

Dragon-chicken non veg appetizers

Dragon Chicken is a quick and easy Indo-Chinese dish that is hot and addicting. This dish is a favourite among the crowd since it has crunchy cashews, fried chicken strips, loads of onion and capsicum, all mixed in a hot red chilli sauce. Imagine a dragon that breathes fire, bursting into flavours in your mouth. This must be on the menu for your gathering.

Achari chicken Tikka 

Chicken-tikka-kebabs - Non-veg appetizers

One of the most important Indian chicken kebab dishes that will quickly disappear from your plate is Achari Chicken Tikka. It’s a bomb with wild tastes and mouthwatering delight. The taste is unmatched in every way.

It is made of soft, supple chicken pieces that have been marinated in yoghurt and pickling spices (Achari masala) and then pan-seared to perfection. This can serve as both a starter and a main course. This Achari Chicken Kebab will blow your mind if you choose to serve at a party. 

Chicken 65 

Chicken-Non-veg appetizers

As an appetiser or starter, Chicken 65 is a hot, deep-fried chicken dish from Chennai, where it all began. Red chillies are responsible for the dish’s flavour. However, the actual ingredients in the recipe can change. It is typically served with an onion and lemon garnish and is made with boneless chicken. This is a must-have at every party with a non-veg appetiser menu. 

Chicken Lollipop 

Chicken-lollipop Non-veg appetizers

A common Indo-Chinese delicacy known as a “chicken lollipop” consists of a frenched chicken drumette that has been marinated and then battered before being fried or baked till crisp. This is slowly ruling the appetiser menu on most occasions.

Ginger Chicken 

Ginger-chicken- non-veg appetizers

Using a lot of fresh ginger, garlic, and onions simmered down into a sticky brown sauce, ginger chicken is a traditional Chinese meal that goes well with rice or noodles. 

Schezwan Chicken  

Schezwan-chicken non veg appetizers

Last but not least, Chinese food called Szechuan chicken is known for being quite spicy. Strong flavours are frequently used in Szechuan cuisine, particularly the distinctive and numbing Szechuan peppercorns.

With all the listed Non-veg appetisers here, there are many ways you can order them online or visit the restaurants to place your order for a special occasion or party.


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