Different Types of Biryani
different types of biryani

Biryani, the name itself makes my mouth water. This dish has been around ages and is known for its succulence nature. Biryani is flavoured rice that has been part of Indian culture for ages now. The origin of this aromatic dish is still unknown, there are a lot of people who believe that the dish originated during Mughal rule. Some say it originated from the middle east. This rice dish is rich in proteins and has chunks of meat sauteed with exquisite vegetables. Biryani has been satisfying people’s cravings for years now. There have been a lot of experiments with Biryani, and each one is unique and delicious in its own way. Biryani, in general, is more meat-oriented. Still, it can be turned into a vegetarian fiesta with the inclusion of paneer or mushrooms or mixed vegetables.

The word Biryani is derived from Persian Birian meaning that “fried before cooking” and Birinj, the Persian word for rice. It has become everyone’s favourite dish and has been incorporated into different cuisines altogether. The traditional Biryani is cooked over the charcoal in an earthen pot to seal in all the flavours. Contrary to the popular notion, Biryani isn’t a rice dish that has meat and vegetables in it. This dish can be cooked in a variety of ways to make it more appealing and delicious.

Considering a specific location like Chennai, one of the best Biryani in Chennai is Ambur biryani also known as Vaniyambadi Biryani as it is based both places called Ambur and Vaniyambadi in Vellore district. This typical Biryani has more meat in the Biryani and is incomplete with eggplant or brinjal curry and raita. Chennai has a lot of other cuisines of Biryani. Still, the one thing that stands out from the rest of the biryani places across the world is “bucket biryani”. Bucket biryani is precisely what it looks like, you get a bucket full of this delicious extravaganza for a bigger feast. One of the best bucket biryani in Chennai available in Chennai is SS Hyderabad Pvt ltd which has a greater reach. There are many other Biryani joints that have irresistible Biryani.

Let us see the different biryanis available all across the world.

  • Tehri Biryani – this is a variation of Muslim Nawabs, Tehri is a vegetarian biryani which is very similar to traditional Biryani but with slight differences. Just as the popular Biryani has rice added to the meat, Tehri biryani has potato added to the Biryani. The Tehri biryani has more potatoes and has a great aroma to it. It is considered to be one of the best vegetable biryani of all time. It is a slightly yellowish variant of vegetable biryani.
  • Kachchi Biryani – Kacchi in Hindi means undercooked which is the speciality of this Biryani as a whole. This is an entirely different way of cooking Biryani, and the final product is absolutely delicious. The uncooked yet marinated chicken is layered in earthen pot and rice, cooked in multiple layers. This slightly undercooked Biryani is made to finesse with the container wholly sealed so that steam doesn’t escape. The Biryani is then served hot.
  • Hyderabadi pakki Biryani – when Biryani name pops up, the first place that comes up in our mind is Hyderabad. This Biryani has meat that is marinated for a shorter period and is cooked in dough seal vessel. The pakki is actually gravy in the Biryani that is made before making the Biryani itself. The Hyderabadi Biryani is considered to be the spiciest Biryani of all time.
  • Calcutta Biryani– Bengal got its Biryani in 1856, when the Nawab of Awadh, Wajid Ali Shah was exiled from Lucknow. The Nawab brought his chef and his royal recipes of Biryani along with him, in the suburbs of Metiabruz, part of present-day Kolkata. As the people were poor and could not afford to pay for the increasing prices of meat, the element of potato and boiled egg was added to it, which went on to become the signature style of the dish. Due to a unique combination of spices used in the marinade, the Biryani has a unique taste of its own compared to the other styles. It is further seasoned with rose water and saffron to add flavour and colour.
  • Bombay Biryani – this type of Biryani is derived from Irani style biryani. The gravy is added additionally like any other biryani. This Biryani is much sweeter than different traditional Biryani because of the inclusion of fried onions. The Bombay biryani has a nice touch to it if you are looking for less spicy Biryani.
  • Assamese Kampuri Biryani– Originally from the Muslim town in Assam, it soon gained fame over a majority of the regions as a favourite. In simple words, the dish is colourful and delicious. The chicken is primarily cooked with various vegetables like peas, carrots potatoes, capsicums, and beans with spices after which it is mixed with rice.
  • Memoni Biryani – An integral part of the cuisine of Memons of the Gujarat and Sindh region of India and Pakistan, it is known to be extremely spicy. How it differs in the recipe than the Sindhi Biryani is that it uses fewer tomatoes in the preparation. It also uses fewer elements of food colouring as opposed to other styles, drawing the real colours from the features of the dish.
  • Nasi Kebuli Biryani– This Indonesian version of Biryani is inspired by its neighbouring countries. It has the fusion of many elements from different cuisines. It is made with rice, ghee and meat and is truly unique in taste.

Different Biryani has different ways of preparation and distinct taste. Cuisines change, but the love for Biryani does not. Biryani has been satisfying taste buds for years now and experimenting with this delicious dish all the time. Bucket Biryani is ideal for family outings and Chennai has numerous outlets to satisfy your taste cravings and you can check out all the variety biryani dishes. Expand your love for Biryani with these exotic flavoured rice and indulge in happiness!