Top 5 Best Side Dishes for Biryani
Side Dishes for Biryani

Biryani is not just a food; it is the ecstatic feeling for true lovers of Biryani that brings the nation together, by uniting the flavour in its own way. Biryani is much more than food but its pure emotion and joy while you savour this, mouth-watering dish. Most of the function item gathering has this succulent food item as the highlight which is sure to top the menu, ranging from veg biryani to non-veg Biryani. Especially in Muslim marriages, this dish with the exotic aroma is sure to steal the heart of the people attending the wedding and relish every bit of it. Many historians believe that Biryani originated from Persia and was brought to India by Mughals. The term Biryani is derived from the word Biriyan which means fried before cooking. Birinj, which is a Persian word for rice. It later became an ultimate choice for the Indians where the preparation with meat chunks and rice, whipped with spices and saffron was indeed a perfect delight. Each part of India has its unique take on Biryani.

The variations are found in Lucknowi style, Mughlai style, Malabar and Ambur. They almost create a different taste with different main ingredients being fish, Quail, hare meat, deer, beef, unlike the usual mutton or chicken. Biryanis are best served with eggplant curry, salan, raitas, boiled egg and Dalcha. We will see about these delicious add ons in detail.

#1. Brinjal gravy

This is the best side dish for any south India for that matter. This tangy and sweet dish is best served with any biryani. The tamarin pulp and tomatoes for tangy taste is an ideal ingredient. When blended with the brinjals and right quantities of masala, it enhances the taste of the side dish, making it a perfect pair. Since brinjals are deep or shallow fried, they turn soft and mouth- melting. When the gravy bubbles well with brinjals, it tastes delicious. This Brinjal gravy also goes by different names like Brinjal chops and Brinjal thoku. If you consider Chennai in general, the best biryani restaurants in Chennai offer brinjal gravy with Biryani more often.

The soft-cooked brinjal when mixed with this well renowned Indian dish that uplifts your mood of enjoying your never-ending appetite.

#2. Raita(Curd chutney)

For the benefit of digestion and to make you feel light, this side dish is another good pairing for Biryani. It is prepared with one of the best dairy product, that is curd and fresh veggies like cucumber, onions and tomatoes. It is flavoured with cumin powder, mint leaves and coriander leaves and gives a refreshing feeling altogether. Without this, the Biryani meal is incomplete in the serving. A full fat thick and fresh hung curd is preferred to elevate the taste of raitas. Raita is the frequently eaten side dish with Biryani. The best Biryani in Chennai, which is Dindugal Biryani, is best served with Raita so that you can indulge yourself in its deliciousness.

#3. Salan

This is another popular side dish for Biryani, this is a gravy made with the base of Mirchi(green chillies), sesame seeds and a bit of peanut and desiccated coconut. This liquidy curry is best served hot. The sauteed ingredients cooked with some masalas proves as an authentic side dish for any Biryani. The spicy, pungent taste of Mirchi gives you the kick to accompany with the Biryani. Taking Chennai as an example again best biryani restaurants in Chennai like Sukku Bhai biryani offer the best salan of all time. The perfect balance of this salan with Biryani is a stairway to heaven. There is a variety of salads, vegetarian salan like bhindi(ladies finger) or non-veg salan like mutton salan which all go well with Biryani in general. In most of the best biryani restaurants in Chennai, salan or salna is a mandatory dish that comes with Biryani.

#4. Dalcha

What is Dalcha? Dalcha is a slow-cooked lamb stew with lentils and mild spices. The one is cooked with chana dal and perfectly balanced spices that would leave you asking for more. Serve for lunch or at a dinner party along with some cooked rice.  The dalcha pairing is yet another beautiful side dish. The dal includes channa(gram) daal and tuvar dal( pigeon pea). The dal is cooked with green chillies, ginger garlic paste and garnished with coriander peas compliments well with the exquisite Indian cuisine main course dish. Special tempering is used that mustard seeds and urad dal and curry leaf to fade away the heaviness of biriyani. This most loved, simple, easy and tasty side dish is made differently in different parts of India. Dalcha is not as famous as other side dishes like Raita, but it tastes equally good with Biryani.

#5. Chettinad egg curry

one of the marvellous invention as a side dish is the Chettinad egg curry. It tastes good as an accompaniment with biriyani. It is pretty popular in Kerala. Eggs are one of the versatile food to have around. The curry isn’t boiling but is moderately spicy, which makes the gravy very flavourful. The Chettinad masala includes poppy seeds, fennel seeds, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, some red chillies, two green cardamoms, cloves and grated coconut. When these items are sauteed, a pleasant aroma comes out. Just the smell of the dish would leave you drooling!

These are the top side dishes or add ons that one can indulge with Biryani. Many states tend to make it in different ways according to their cuisines. Additionally, two popular Mughlai side dishes in Kolkata biryani restaurants are the curd and ghee-based sauce, rezala, and the poppy and cashew paste cored slow-cooked dry dish. These could be made with mutton (goat) or chicken. Raw green chillies on the side are a must with biryanis too. They are meant to be bitten in between biting the Biryani.

Biryani should always be eaten with side dishes or should not be eaten at all. Experience this mouth-watering rice dish with these additional elements to really seal the flavour in your mouth!