15 Non-Veg Appetizers that are a Great Fit for any Party Menu

15 Non-Veg Appetizers that are a Great Fit for any Party Menu


Who doesn’t love a good starter before indulging into a full course delicious meal? Starters or appetizers consist of a wide variety of cold and hot dishes that are served before the main course meal. They may be preceded by soups or any recipe that can be less filling. Starters are often considered to be the first course of the meal and are small dishes that fill up your stomach minimally. Most of the people considering ordering starters first and then go for the rest of the meal because it prepares for the rest of the meal. Starters may range from soups to tandoori chicken (non-veg appetizer) and paneer tikka (vegetarian appetizer). The cuisines might change, but the term starters or appetizers remain constant.

Appetizers, as the name suggests, are meant to boost your appetite. Considering a specific demographic like Chennai, you cant lack an appetite for an appetizer. Chennai has been a central hub for non-veg as well as veg appetizers and even a full course meal. The bustling streets offer you a wide range of food that you can indulge yourself in. They offer the best non-veg restaurants who provide the best non-veg starters in general.

Here are the top non-veg starters that you could incorporate in your party menu.

#1. Tandoori chicken

tandoori-chicken (2)

If you are an Indian who has been to a lot of different restaurants. You would have already tried this delicious, mouth-watering chicken dish. It is made juicy and tender from inside and crispy and burnt from outside. It has a beautiful red burned texture to it, making it fiery and spicy. It is prepared with youghurt and spices. It is cooked in a tandoor which is a clay oven.

#2. Mutton Seekh Kebab


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Mutton Seekh Kebab is a Mughlai delicacy prepared with minced mutton, onions and a blend of spices. It is a delicious and mildly spicy dish that has incredible taste and flavours. These delicious kebabs are ideal appetizers for special occasions like kitty parties and game nights. You can serve this dish with mint chutney or tomato ketchup to your loved ones.

#3 Fish tikka


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Tandoori Fish Tikka is a tender fish marinated in a classic Indian tandoori masala and crisped to perfection in an Airfyer, Crisplid or oven broiler. Enjoy this low-carb dish with a side of cilantro chutney. This dish is crispy and can also be eaten with mayonnaise to make it more delectable.

#4. Tandoori mayonnaise chicken cigar


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Tandoori Mayonnaise Chicken Cigar Recipe is a super simple fusion recipe of chicken that is seasoned and baked. They are wrapped in tortillas. With a generous helping of the tandoori flavoured mayonnaise that gives the main flavour to this lip-smacking appetizer that can also be served a san evening snack.

#5. Reshmi kebab


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You can serve these Murg Malai kebabs for parties as starters. Just prepare the marinade and apply to chicken and keep it in the fridge. Just before the party, grill or broil. Serve these kebabs hot with mint chutney and shredded cabbage. It gets grilled in only 20 Minutes and is apt to serve for the party as appetizers. You can serve these Murg Malai Kebab Recipe (Reshmi Kebab) as a side dish with Chicken Biryani.

#6. Prawn ghee pepper masala


Prawn Ghee Pepper Masala Recipe With Garlic is a lip-smacking dish, you can’t stop eating. As the name suggests, the dominant flavours of the plate are black peppercorns, garlic and curry leaves. Serve it as an appetizer or as part of a complete meal.

#7. Chicken 65


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Restaurant Style Chicken 65 Recipe is a favourite in most of the restaurants. It is a dish that is originating from Chennai from a restaurant called “Buhari Hotel Restaurant”. It is said that the name Chicken 65 comes from the order number of the dish that was present in the menu card.

#8. Chicken Lollipop


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Chicken lollipop is a starter popular in Indian Chinese dishes. It is one of the most popular and famous Chicken tidbits in restaurants. It is also known as Drums of heaven, but a small twist to your ordinary chicken lollipop, where it is tossed in schezwan sauce. Chicken lollipop is, basically a frenched chicken winglet.

#9. Garlic chicken cheese balls


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Garlic Chicken Cheese Balls Recipe is minced chicken flavoured with garlic, stuffed with gooey mozzarella cheese deep-fried to perfection. This crispy on the outside and soft on the inside cheese ball with a twist, make s excellent party appetizer.

#10. Chicken wings with Bhuna masala

bhuna masala chicken wings

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It is a delightful starter/appetizer made using chicken wings that are coated with some sweet and tangy Indian masala. It is further baked.

#11. Mutton Kola Urundai (Chettinad mutton keema balls)


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Mutton Kola Urundai Recipe is a delicious Chettinad keema ball made using mutton keema. Mutton keema pre-cooked and combined with a flavoursome freshly ground masala and deep-fried.

#12. Minced mutton spring rolls


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Crispy spring rolls filled with minced mutton masala is a savoury snack usually served and made during the month of Ramadan for Iftar. This homemade Mutton Spring rolls recipe defines deliciousness.

#13. Peri-Peri fish fingers


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Peri Peri Fish Fingers are Fish fingers that are crumb coated and fried till crispy and crunchy. It is a perfect starter/appetizer for your Indian Dinner Parties.

#14. Chilly chicken


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The Chilli Chicken Recipe is a delicious and lip-smacking Indo Chinese chicken that you can make for your parties. This crisp chicken recipe can be served with Hakka noodles or eaten dry.

#15. Tandoori fish


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Fish Tandoori is a delicious fish preparation which can be served as an appetizer or as a side dish. It is usually made on tandoor or clay oven.

These are the best non-veg starters that are lip-smacking and delicious at the same time. They can be the ideal non-veg starters that could be implanted in your party menu coz of its freshness and succulence. Other customizable non-veg appetizers can be put in party menu like continental non-veg starters. Feedbacks and suggestions are welcome for this post.